Hoot and Hootabelle

Its been awhile since I last posted. And although I’ve been slack in my posts, my lovely clients are still trickling in with requests of new challenging and inspired cake designs. This week I got to make a Hoot and Hootabelle cake for Gorgeous Jade, daughter of DJ and Janina.
Hope you had a wonderful first birthday Jade.

Jades Hoot Bday

Hoot and Hootabelle headshot

xx S

Thomas the Tank Engine


Jayden’s Thomas the Tank Engine themed cake, brought back so many memories. Hope you had a memorable day little one!


Jungle Theme

Happy Birthday Ethan. Hope your jungle themed bday was a blast. xx S

Dinosaur Train

This little man (Justin), booked me well in advance to make his 4th birthday cake!

I’ve never watched Dinosaur train, but this cake was too cute! Loved making it.


xx S

Angry Birds


Dallas Turns 1 with a Happy Birthday Angry Bird cake!


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